Originally founded by Dave Underhill, his passion for fishing and his son Curt Underhill in 2008, The Fishing Crew was designed to be a new age approach to a pastime many love. It is all about family and friends with majority of tournaments being close to home and only one day. Not everyone has five weeks of vacation to take to run across the United States to fish all the large tournaments. The Fishing Crew planned theirs so those that don't have the money, can't travel all over or don't have the vacation time built up can still get together, fish and have fun together. Now Ran by Dave Underhill's son Curt Underhill with the help of many others. We are looking to grow and run a tournament better than the rest. NEED HELP RUNNING A TOURNAMENT? We can help with any aspect of running a first-class fishing tournament, or can run the whole thing. For pricing, contact Curt at 605-350-3845.