Star quilts, embroidery, quilting, binding, screen printing. Badlands Quilting began in a private home on the Pine Ridge Reservation of SD. What began with the creation of a few star quilts for one person soon turned into a passion for designing, creating and quilting to meet the demand for star quilts within the local community. Today, that passion is stronger than ever and we operate from a store front on Main Street in Martin, SD. We proudly create high quality star quilts for people across the United States, Canada and Europe. Every star quilt is a hand-crafted artistic creation from the heart, hands and mind of each person involved. We take pride in the fact that an artist has conceptualized a color combination and cut out the quilt kit to bring that concept to life. Another artist has sewn the quilt together and yet another artist has chosen and quilted a design for the quilt, making it nearly impossible for quilts to be identical (unless you order them to be identical)! We pride ourselves in providing an on demand, steady source of hand-crafted star quilts for ceremonies, giveaways, memorials, graduations, funerals, powwows and many other functions. We strive to pay all of our artisans a fair wage while maintaining an affordable price on our product for you, the customer. We look forward to many more years of being a trusted source to the community for these beautiful quilts.

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